Posted by: millspaw | May 26, 2012

Day Five: Brown County State Forest Equestrian camp, Thursday, May 24, 2012

We were up early and I served fried sticky buns and oatmeal for breakfast. The rolls were so much better than yesterday when we bought them. Butter, cinnamon and sugar will do that.

Arty’s sore on his back looked much better after applying the Nuskin yesterday. Dan changed saddles to alleviate the pressure that the other saddle had caused. Sayid’s side seemed good, so I didn’t pad it. We rode a beautiful trail that showed off the deep valleys and high ridges of the area. The weather was sunny and cooler, since it was before 9:00AM.

We rode up Trail A and then crossed over to Trail 17. Trail 17 starts at Five Points and follows an old fire trail near the east park boundary. It drops down into a valley and passes through a site where sandstone was quarried to build some of the original parks buildings. My iPhone picked up a signal from the top of the mountain and I received and sent off a text message to Renee, my sister. I sent out a text to my son, Aaron, who was taking care of the horses that didn’t get to come on our trip.

Our morning ride was about 2 hours and 15 minutes. When we got back to camp, I saw that Sayid’s side seemed a little bloody again, although no wound was showing. Uncertain as to whether it was just the sweat and blood from yesterday or a reopening of the wound, I decided to pad him for the afternoon ride. I had brought along a foam filled double cotton wrap which I cut in half. Using duct tape I affixed it to the saddle girth in the areas that were rubbing. Nothing fancy, but they do the job.

We rode for another few hours on the opposite side of the camp after lunch. The trails were a mixture of narrow and wide. There was not as much to see because of brush growing closer to the paths, but they were more challenging with washouts and larger rocks to pick through. Both horses were careful and carried us safely through.

We are invited to share a campfire again tonight. Such nice folks ride horses!



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