Posted by: millspaw | May 26, 2012

Day Four: Brown County State Forest Equestrian Camp, Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today we left Hocking Hills State Forest and headed for Brown County, Indiana. We had a beautiful, sunny, hot day. Part way there, we decided to get some groceries and to buy grain. I found a small grain dish for Arty, since he didn’t have one. I also bought Absorbine Junior to use either on the horses or on us! Riding for a lot of hours really gets to your muscles.

When we arrived at Brown County we were pleased with what we saw. The campground looked like a park. Each site was mowed, had a picnic table, a horse rail, electric with water a short distance away. The gravel pull-ins had at least one tree per site. Our campsite number 18 was to be our home for two nights.

Brown County State Park is the largest Indiana State park. This nationally known, 15,776-acre facility opened in 1929. There are 70 miles of bridle trail and we only have one day to ride before leaving for Missouri.

It was a good thing I had reserved the electric instead of the primitive because of the heat. We are going to change our reservation for the trip back from primitive to electric. We didn’t realize how hot it was going to be here in the spring. On Saturday it is supposed to be 100 degrees in Montana where we will be boarding the horses! We didn’t plan on that kind of temperature. We had checked the weather maps and averages, and decided that we would stay at an electric camp site every other stop. Now I am looking to change those to all electric. We are not sure if there will be a penalty for asking for a switch or not and we can’t call from here as there is no service.

Arty’s back and Sayid’s side look much better today. We decided not to ride today to give them a little more time to heal. Tomorrow we will try a short, easy ride in the morning and see how Arty does. Dan is busy talking to our neighbor, Larry who is from Colorado and owns a ranch out there. He thinks San Juan national forest has the prettiest areas to ride. He has two nice mules. (see picture)

The neighbors asked us to join them and two other couples around their evening fire. It was nice to sit and talk with other horsemen and women. They gave us ideas of where to ride in the park in the one day that we had. Riding stories were shared.

They even served pumpkin roll and pistachios. Too bad that none of us realized until too late that the pistachios were still in the shell. Crunch! That is what happens when you eat in the dark. J


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