Posted by: millspaw | May 26, 2012

Day Three: Hocking Hills State Forest Equestrian Campground Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We got up this morning and I fixed bacon, eggs, toast and fresh sweet rolls. Since we are on vacation we didn’t start our ride until 10:00. The purple trail was our destination with the promise of a look at an old artesian well.

I changed Sayid’s saddle girth from the synthetic one to a wool one to help with his injury. Then I used a thick cotton wrap and duct tape to cover 8 inches of girth including the ring. This made a fat pad to protect his side.

The ride down was easy and we were surprised to see a place to tie the horses, a cement bench with a dedication plaque and a large pipe spouting water when we arrived just 30 minutes later. The bench plaque was from the Ohio horseman’s club for a former member. There also were a couple small wooden crosses with “Dale, Dad and Grandpa” written on them. Not knowing the history, we wondered how long since the man had passed away.

The ride back was on the purple trail and then the red trail. Deep and woodsy, this trail was not used much by the local riders. On the way to it, we had passed a wooded development of log homes. They were very nice. Some were small cabins, but others were huge.

There were some interesting rock formations as we rode down the gully after crossing the road. After riding up a steep incline, we came out just yards away from our campsite just in time for lunch.

We had planned on another ride after our naps, but sadly, Arty had a wear spot on his back when we unsaddled. Dan’s new saddle was the culprit. Fortunately, I had talked him into bringing his old saddle, just in case. It appears that the new one we bought at the Equine Affaire is a bit too long for the 20 year old Arabian. We had already used it several times with no problems, but this forest has very steep trails. We iced the area and did not take a second ride. Tomorrow we travel to Brown County State Park and that will give the horses another day of rest. I wonder how we can protect the spot on his back?

Pizza for supper tonight! And…we saw another horse trailer arrive. Maybe we will meet the neighbors.


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