Posted by: millspaw | May 28, 2012

Day One: Hocking Hills State Forest Equestrian Campground Sunday, May 20, 2012

After months of researching and weeks of planning, my husband, Dan and I left for our 40th wedding anniversary cross-country trip from Pennsylvania to Colorado. We are taking two of our four horses with us and that makes things an adventure. We have packed as much for the horses as for ourselves. Two types of grain, hay, supplements, vitamins, daily wormer, and an emergency saddle bag complete with a snake-bite kit. We were able to leave at 1:30 this afternoon, although we hadn’t planned on leaving until tomorrow. That will give us three days instead of two at Hocking State Forest. Hawking has 23 primitive sites off Laurel Township road 231. This means; no water, no electric and no sewage. We have brought a 50 gallon barrel of water complete with a spout from home which will allow us to have water at our campsite for the horses. The RV tank holds enough for us for a couple of days. There are 40 miles of trail and no fee. This camp is considered to be the best trail riding area in Ohio with more than 30,000 horse and rider visitors each year. The terrain is rugged with steep gorges and open meadows. It is not considered to be for beginners. Dan brought his 20 year old bay, Arty, a former Endurance race horse. He has over 1000 miles on him. 7 year old, Sayid, was my choice to bring for our trip. He was rescued from the New Wilmington Auction by two women. One of them boards horses and the other trains horses that they rescue. The trainer became ill shortly after purchasing “Spook”, as they called him. They had only had him a month and had not tried to break him when they decided that they would have to sell him. We brought him home on July 15, 2010. By July 24, I was able to ride him. We arrived late at the campground because we got lost. Then when opening the refrigerator the maple syrup had spilled all over the shelves and door onto the floor. Normally, this would not be a big deal, but because we had driven for 7 hours this was not a good start to our vacation. Tomorrow will be better.





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