Posted by: millspaw | May 29, 2012

Day Eight: Hunter’s Leigh to Kanopolis, May 27, 2012

Dan and I decided to see if we could get a reservation at Kanopolis instead of staying another day at Hunter’s Leigh and driving up to Kanopolis to ride. Even though it was Memorial Day weekend, we were able to secure an electric-only spot. We had some errands to do, so we said goodbye to Wynona and Lee Mason and headed for the town of Salina. We needed to buy some weed-free hay and some complete feed because we would not be allowed to use the hay from home in Colorado. This took us some time and we arrived at Kanopolis in time for lunch.

Our campsite had trees for the horses to stand under and also a corral for two. The day was a little cooler with a temperature of 93 degrees. We didn’t have a lot of time to ride, so we rode the route to the caves. They are not very big, but are an interesting destination. The campground has a wash area for the horses, which they really needed after riding in the heat of the day. Dan and I had no clothes left to wear and needed to do the laundry and grocery shop. We traveled to a nearby quaint town that had been originally settled by people from Sweden. We found a Pizza Hut and had supper. They had a Laundromat, but unfortunately the only grocery store in town was closed. We will be heading out tomorrow for Colorado Springs and will have to make a stop to buy food. Hopefully, my cousin Ginger who I haven’t seen in about 40 years will be able to meet us the next day. Too tired now to do anything else but sleep.





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