Posted by: millspaw | June 5, 2012

Day 15: Indian Creek to Bruno’s Gulch, June 3, 2012

Last night two young women and an older man, Jim Kopke, set up camp across from us. Jim identified himself having an archeologist and veterinarian background. He proved to be a wealth of knowledge. Amazingly, his horse’s sire was the same as Arty’s. (Muscat) The little Arabian looked very much like Dan’s horse and had many of the same traits. He also did Endurance races with him and had a national recognition.

While talking around the campfire, we found that he knew all of the mountain hide-a-ways and horse trails. He took our Colorado map and showed us exactly where to camp in the Pike National Forest southwest of Denver. He knew much of the history of the area and showed us where there was a ghost-town accessible by horseback. So this early this morning we left for Bruno’s Gulch.

Bruno’s Gulch is near Grant, Colorado in the wilderness area of Pike National Forest. The actual Latitude is 39 degrees 32 minutes and the Longitude is 105 degrees 46 minutes. We and the horses were just getting used to the elevation at Indian Creek, but Bruno’s Gulch has an elevation of 9420 ft, making breathing hard again.

The view driving up the mountain was much different than Indian Creek. The thick pine forests on the slopes were replaced with a much rockier, barren landscape. The pines seemed tall and skinny compared to Indian Creek with no undergrowth. We drove to Grant and turned left onto a paved road that soon turned into a dirt washboard. Six and eight tenths miles later we took a left and drove back a narrow, bumpy road. We had the pick of places to pull over and camp, but found one that was just perfect. Turning into a meadow we drove back a short drive. The camp area was large with a stone fire ring sheltered by pines. A bubbling creek runs right through our campsite. Under some nearby trees there is a ice cover.



We took a short hour ride around one of the hills and then returned to camp for lunch.

The trail went through hilly pine area with meadows. We saw many sign of elk. Hopefully, tonight we will see some at dusk.





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