Posted by: millspaw | June 5, 2012

Day Eleven: Indian Creek Primitive Horse Camp May 30, 2012

This morning we woke up at 6:00, as usual. After a breakfast of oatmeal and donuts fried in butter and cinnamon sugar (an idea I thought of to salvage stale baked goods) we headed out to the trailhead. The campground host had given us a hand drawn map of the area. We decided to ride the Ringtail Trail. Someone had lost a set of keys on this trail and there was a $100 reward if anyone found them! The ascent was not as difficult as we thought. Actually, the ride was easier than the ones we rode at Hocking Hills in Ohio and Brown County, Indiana.

We rode through pine forests, aspen groves and through low oak bushes. There were many kinds of spring flowers. I was surprised to see blue columbine, pink wild roses, and white long-stemmed violets all growing in the tiny meadows between the thicker trees. There was a pleasant sweet piney smell that I didn’t recognize from home. We debated whether it was a flower or a pine.

The trail was dry, clear and not rocky making our trip extremely pleasant. The cool breeze and sunny, blue skies added to our pleasure. After about a mile on the trail we were overtaken by three mountain bikers. They were very friendly and we moved off trail so that they could pass. Arty and Sayid were not at all startled by them and Sayid quickened his gait to try to keep with them.

As we climbed higher the views were amazing. Snow covered peaks in the distance, pine covered mountains a bit closer and wide plains in between the mountain ranges. The camera’s battery was dead, so I had to use the cell phone to get some beautiful pictures. We met the bikers again and they took pictures of Dan and I together.

We found an old camp or cabin and Dan posed in front of it for me. It was the only sign of civilization that we had seen on the entire ride.

We ran into the bikers again at a crossroads in the trail and they advised us to go on to a view of a rocky outcropping across the plains called the Ampitheater. At the end of that trail there were picnic tables. We remarked on how they might have gotten them up there. We rested and had our snacks and then headed back. The entire ride took us five hours, but Dan says I spent an hour at the summit talking on the phone to Aaron where my cell phone made a connection. J

When we arrived back at camp we found another couple just getting ready to take their Tennessee Walkers for a ride. They are locals and invited us to their fire tonight. It is always fun meeting new people. Tomorrow they asked if we wanted to ride the trails with them. That sounds like fun!



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