Posted by: millspaw | June 5, 2012

Day Fourteen: Indian Creek Primitive Campground, June 2, 2012

We went from no neighbors to many neighbors. The pop-up tents set up last night belonged to a group of 20 from a church group having a Father- Son campout. Then in the morning, another 12 or so kids and a scout leader came in to work on the trails. Up the road were more horses, trailers and people working on trails. We had no idea that it was National Trail Day! The turnout they had to improve these trails was outstanding.

Our trail ride for today was to Lenny’s Rest. It took us on the part of the Indian Creek Trail that I love best. The views, the alpine flowers and the rocks are beautiful. Wild roses, lupine, Solomon’s Seal and many other wild flowers cover the small open meadows.

Sayid has turned out to be the ideal “watch horse” and seems to be aware of anyone coming on the trail minutes before they got to us. Today when we were going up a steep incline, he stopped suddenly. Down the trail came a mountain biker who braked so hard when he saw us that he flew off over his handle bars and landed in the dirt. The horses weren’t startled until he hit the ground. He was OK and kept apologizing over and over.

There is a rule of the trail that when you encounter another person, if you are a hiker you step off-trail uphill from a biker. If you are a hiker or a biker you give way to a horse back rider. We tend to get out of the biker’s way if they are coming up the mountain because it is so hard for them to pedal on the rocks. They are always grateful.





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