Posted by: millspaw | June 5, 2012

Day Nine: Kanopolis to H2 Ranch May 28, 2012

We got up and readied the horses and ourselves for another long day of driving. We expected it to take at least seven hours to get to Colorado Springs. The drive was pleasant with none of the blowing wind that we had on the way there. The temperature had also dropped about 20 degrees, making it much better for the horses riding in the trailer.

We thought that much of Colorado looked like Kansas except even drier, if that is possible. Finally, we came up over a hill and there in the far distance were the Rocky Mountains. We could immediately identify Pike’s Peak. We arrived a little before supper at the H2 Ranch run by Ed Housely and his wife. They greeted us and showed us where our two boys would be spending the night. The paddock was very large with a nice shelter. Right next to their paddock was the cutest little three week old Arab colt. This little fellow was friendly and mischievious, trying to nibble and rear. Arty and Sayid just ignored him.

After dinner we went into Colorado Springs to visit my cousin, Ginger. She is 14 years older than me. I did not know her as a child. She moved to Colorado 40 years ago and hadn’t been back east since. We had a nice time getting to know one another. Hopefully, she will come and visit us sometime. I promised I would host a Hoot ‘n Holler in her honor. (A family reunion based on the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.)

We left H2 Ranch after I had posted my blog using their WiFi. This was the first time I was able to get online with my laptop since we left home.






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