Posted by: millspaw | June 5, 2012

Day Ten: H2 Ranch to Indian Creek, May 29, 2012

This drive should have been easy for us. But, it wasn’t. Indian Creek Equestrian Campground is only 38 miles away from H2 Ranch. We missed our exit and unfortunately, every exit we came to said “no entry” until we were almost to Denver! Both of us were irritable and grumpy with one another over this mistake. After all, it was our first one on the trip. We are carrying a Tom-Tom GPS which speaks the turns we are to make. I also have my iPhone with Google maps on it that shows a beacon representing our car that moves as we do. And of course, a regular paper map. So how did we miss our turn? I was playing Scrabble online with some friends and I thought Dan knew where we were going because it was so close. My mouth was dry, I was feeling limp and tired and my head was feeling pressure. I thought it was because I was upset, but as it turned out, I was experiencing altitude sickness. I would like to blame the irritability on that, too, but I don’t think that is a symptom. We were at 7500 ft. Dan and I started forcing fluids and as soon as we arrived at Indian Creek we fixed lunch. Both of us were so tired that we took a nap only to be woken up by the park campground host. He was just checking to make sure we had everything we needed. This camp has an equestrian campground a short ways away from a regular campground. Both are primitive with no electric, water hook-ups or sewer. Also, we are the only campers other than the host. We decided that if we felt that bad the horses would, too. So, no riding until tomorrow. There is a $100 reward for a set of lost keys on the Ring Tail Trail and we are going to see if we can find them!


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