Posted by: millspaw | June 5, 2012

Day Thirteen: Indian Creek Primitive Equestrian Camp, June 1, 2012

We are all alone this morning. After our long ride yesterday, the horses are tired and so are we. Dan and I decide to take a short ride in the morning. We start at the Indian Creek Trail in the south end of the horse camp. We had traveled this yesterday, but today we veer off and cut across to Stephen’s Gulch. There we pass “Chair Park” which must have been an old hunting cabin at one time and it has a stone well and a metal chair along with the collapsed building. Stephen’s Gulch proves to be a valley trail, damp, dank and not pretty at all. Finally, the trail starts to climb and we enter Aspen Meadow. I take a couple of pictures of Sayid up in the trees because he matches them. We come out of the meadow and are back on the Indian Creek Trail and ride home.


We decide we have to empty the grey water and sewage. Unfortunately, there is no place in the RV campground or the horse campground. Because we would worry about leaving the horses in the corral alone, we pack up everything and pull out. The nearest place to dump is near Castle Rock. It proves to be only about a 20 minute drive. We are able to empty at the Municipal Service Building for free!

We get a take-out lunch from Panera’s, buy some milk and paper plates and head back to camp.

Dan has been looking at the map and sees some other trails not far from where we are, so we drive down to see what they are. They end up being a very nice off-road bike park. I took a picture of the rocks there because they were balanced so beautifully.

We got home to find pop-up tents in the horse camp, but no horses. The campground host had told us that a group had reserved the rest of the sites for the weekend to work on the trails.

Tomorrow we will explore more of the trails.


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