Posted by: millspaw | June 8, 2012

Day Eighteen: Off to Berry Bend, June 6,2012

We got up early and pulled out from Kanopolis at 7:00. Our first business was to wash clothe’s and buy groceries. This took us an hour or more. Then we were ready to travel. This road trip would only be a little over 5 hours to Berry Bend, Missouri. How wrong we were. Shortly after we began we heard what sounded like a stone hitting under the camper. I had Dan pull over. We looked under the camper. One of the inside duel tires was soft. He thought it would be safe to travel on to a garage. Right after that we heard another louder sound. Checking the tires again showed that we now had a true flat. I called AAA and we quickly got some help. After about an hour we headed out again. As we were going through Kansas City we decided to find a tire store and have them mount another tire on the rim so we would have a spare. This took yet another hour. All of the complications added up to an 11 hour day that was supposed to be just a short 5.
We arrived at Berry Bend Horseman’s camp and found it a very comfortable place with shade and a paddock. Tomorrow we will try the trails.


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