Posted by: millspaw | June 8, 2012

Day Nineteen:Berry Bend, June 7,2012

We had a peaceful night at Berry Bend. usual, there were no other campers. But when we got up in the morning another trailer had arrived late in the night. So there are two more horses and a mule, too. We had to decide where to ride and we chose the lake trail.
The campground sits right on the shore of the Harry S Truman Reservoir. It reminds me of Kinzu Dam with water winding in and out of small peninsulas. It is very appealing with campsites with a water view.
We decided to take the lake view trail. It proved to be the worst trail we had been on so far.

The trail was covered with rocks that were sharp and crunchy. There was no place to take the horses where they wouldn’t have to be careful where they placed their feet. The trails were steep in some places and there was a lot if undergrowth. Where there were clearings we spotted a nice buck in velvet and later a doe and her fawn. I also spotted a turtle crawling along in the fallen oak leaves. I heard it before I saw it.
We cut our ride short after about an hour and a half. When unsaddling Sayid, I noticed his legs were covered with ticks. I counted 14 as I twisted them counterclockwise to remove them. Arty wasn’t as bad, just a couple, but he had a couple gashes from the rocks.
The rest of the day we took naps, read books and I played on my iPhone. I had time to fix a deluxe meal of Italian chicken covered in sauce and mozzarella cheese with spaghetti and garlic bread!


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