Posted by: millspaw | June 9, 2012

Day Twenty: Hayes Canyon Campground, June 8, 2012

We started out at 7:00 AM and arrived at Hayes Canyon Campground, Illinois at 5:00.  The horses weathered another 7- hour drive taking the time change into account.  Finally, we are back on Corry, PA time.  Three-quarters of the sites at Hayes are permanent.  We saw many campers under pole barn structures.  The place is a village of horses.  Our campsite is right next to a round pen and has three small corrals right behind the trailer. The neighbors to our left are permanent and the ones to our right our temporary.

The maps we received at this camp are the best we have had so far.  One map is the campground map showing where the sites are. On the back is a general map of Shawnee National Forest. It shows the horse tie-ups throughout the area. There Is even a tie-up at the restaurant in the small town of Eddyville a short distance from the camp.

The second map is larger and is issued by the Park Service. It is a nice topographical map with way points marked for some of the trails. It is nice to know the latitude and longitude if you want to get back to a spot.  In 1990 Congress designated wilderness areas.  These areas are to be left in their natural state forever. Lusk Creek, Bay Creek and Garden of the Gods are the wilderness areas in the Shawnee National Forest.  They make up 13,484 acres.

We need to decide where to ride out of the many trails that are in the forest.  The neighbors have recommended riding to Peter’s Cave with a stop at Jackson Hole.  It is about a five hour ride.  I think that sounds like a good ride.


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