Posted by: millspaw | June 9, 2012

Day Twenty One: Hayes Canyon Campground, June 9, 2012

We rode Shawnee National Forest today. We left at 8:00 AM and it is a good thing, too.  By 12:30 when we got back it was 89 degrees and humid.  We chose the trail to Peter’s Cave.  It was not disappointing. We passed Blue Hole which was a swimming hole in the past, but this year it has been so dry that there wasn’t a lot of water. The horses did get a good drink there. The trails were very good and we were able to trot a considerable amount of time. It was supposed to take 2 ½ hours to get to the cave, but we made it in about 2.  The cave itself was quite wondrous.  The mouth was very wide and the interior, although not deep into the mountain, would have held a camp of 20 horses or so.  The Park Service was nice to put up tie-lines for the horses down at the base of the cave opening and a short climb took us up to the mouth.  We speculated on how many people over time had used it as shelter.  We enjoyed an early picnic lunch at the site.  We rode back a slightly different trail and passed Petticoat Junction and Bobcat Cave.

The neighbors told us about another good trail to ride near Indian Kitchen, but said a horse had been killed there recently when a tree fell on it.  Evidently, the horse was tied to a tree which is against the park rules.  They were unable to get the horse out because it is in the wilderness area and there are no roads or wheeled vehicles allowed.  It is just starting to decompose now.  How sad for its owners.

There are so many nice trails here we would like to come back again sometime.



  1. Pam , I am happy for you guys to be able to really enjoy this vacation !! Continue and may He be your guide !

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