Posted by: millspaw | June 11, 2012

Day Twenty-Two: Hayes Canyon Campground, June 10, 2012

Before I write about today, I have to talk about last night. Dan and I decided to ride to a restaurant for dinner. This bar and grill was on the map and showed that it had tie-ups available. We had not ridden the trails on the east side of camp and that was where we had to go. These trails were great for constant trotting and that is what we did until we came to a part on the map that was confusing. There were four choices of trails on the map at Bootlegger’s Ford. The maps showed that the trail we wanted, 001, ran parallel to a blacktop. We rode out looking for the trail and could not find it. So we rode up each of the other three on the map thinking it must branch out from it. It didn’t. Finally, we decided to ride up the blacktop, knowing that we would eventually come to Eddyville. We finally stopped at a house and asked if we were almost there. We had .3 of a mile over a knoll and we would be there. Come to find out there had been telephone poles marked with our trail number and they had all been replaced with new poles recently. I was very glad to get my supper that evening. And it was an excellent shrimp stir-fry! When we got back to camp we could hear some wonderful country music being played. The camp had brought in a band and they were very good. Forty plus campers danced and listened until ten o’clock.

Today we decided to ride to Indian Kitchen, in spite of the dead horse that had been killed there recently. It was a nice ride and sure enough we smelled the horse, but fortunately didn’t see him. Indian Kitchen had a large tie-up area that was filled with other riders. We held our horses while we ate our lunch and then there was room to tie-up. The view of a deep canyon after a small hike in was our destination. It wasn’t as impressive as Peter’s Cave, but it was nice. Our ride back was slow because we were so tired. I took a long nap at camp.

An unusual thing has happened. The neighbor next door is asking me about buying Sayid. Could I do it after all the time we have spent together on this ride? My original intention with him was to break and train him to use as my old horse’s replacement if I was satisfied with him. I love how he is on the trail, but I had hoped for better body confirmation. Stay tuned to find out what happens.


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