Posted by: millspaw | April 6, 2015

A Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 2

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Sam A. Baker State Park

Patterson, MO

We left the Walmart in Morehead, KY at 6:30 am with the intention of getting the horses out at The White Sulphur horse camp. As soon as we got off the main highway, we encountered deep water running across the roadway and we had to turn and go back.

I was thankful that we had not gone into the camp the night before, since we would have been stranded there, or even washed away.

We continued down the road and pulled off at a truck stop to feed, water and clean out the trailer. The horses had spent all the day before and all night standing in tight quarters, so they were very glad for the walk around the truck stop that we provided.

The day was beautifully sunny and we headed to Sam A Baker State Park in Missouri using the map app on my phone. Because of the rainfall we were unable to cross the Mississippi river as the bridge was closed on 60W and had to find another way. The closing was so recent that they didn’t even have detour signs up. The map atlas that we brought came in handy here.

The eight hour drive ended up taking ten hours and we pulled into the park at suppertime. The equestrian section of Sam A Baker state park is a bit rustic. No shower house, no potable water and a just vault toilet. We do not mind this at all and were even more pleased to find we were the alone in the camp.

Each site is equipped with high line poles, picnic table and a fire pit. Since we had the pick of the sites, we chose the one with the most room around it. It was also handy to the water spigot and the manure pit. We got a nice brochure with a map from the bulletin board at the entry of the horse camp and tomorrow we will ride the trails.

Renees grill The perfect campsite Sam Baker


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