Posted by: millspaw | April 8, 2015

A Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 5

April 7, 2015

Robber’s Cave

It is HOT in Oklahoma! It got up to 81 degrees today. We felt sorry for the horses since they still have their winter coats on.

We decided to ride to the cave and left at 9:00 in the morning. The souvenir shop didn’t open until 10:00 and it was already warm outside, so we didn’t wait and get the ‘kerchief map. After 2 hours of riding following trails through the woods using the maps we had, we decided to head back to camp without finding the cave. It is no wonder that the “good guys” couldn’t find the “bad guys”.

The horses were hot and tired when we got back three hours after we started, so we gave them baths, fed and watered them and headed in for lunch and a nap.

Later we unhooked the camper and drove to Robber’s Cave.  We were not sure that you could have ridden a horse up to the cave anyway. There is a cave parking lot, restrooms, bulletin board and it is has  a walk and rail for handicapped around some of the rock outcrops.

The CCC camps built a stone walk that is a pretty strenuous climb. We hiked up the old CCC trail to the hidden cave. We could see why the Youngers, Frank and Jesse James, and Belle Starr chose to hide here. There is only one way up to the cave and the crevice down below would show any intruders approaching. There was a rock corral where they hid the horses, too.

IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4528


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