Posted by: millspaw | April 8, 2015

A Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 4

IMG_4521 April 6, 2015


Robber’s Cave State Park

We left Sam A Baker State Park at 6:30 am for a long 10 hour drive through the rest of Missouri and into Oklahoma. The song “Oklahoma” with the wind sweeping down the plains is not what we saw as we traveled to the camp. There were hills and then mountains covered in pines.

Robber’s Cave State Park has a dedicated horse camp with 45 horse sites. However, many sites have signs saying you must register on line and you are not allowed to camp there unless you did. There were only two other campers in the Equestrian camp, so we didn’t understand why they restricted you. We also did not see anywhere to bathe a horse. Ours are extremely dirty after a winter in blankets and a muddy/snowy paddock this spring. When we asked Jeff, the park employee, about bathing the horses he said most do it right at the campsite.

Each site has a nice paved pad, cement picnic tables, charcoal grill, fire ring, water, and pipe corrals for each horse. This is a luxury that we don’t usually see.

The cost is $18 /night with our $4 senior discount. Our site has electric and water. We are already plugged in using the air conditioner as it is humid and around 80 degrees. I am cooking spaghetti and heating the place up.

We examined the maps we got from the Internet and the one that was in the box at the trail head. Neither are very good. Jeff says the best map is on a ‘kerchief that you can buy at the souvenir shop. I am going to hike up there and get one!

Robber’s Cave is one of Oklahoma’s original seven parks. It is located in the hills of the San Bois Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma. The caves are secluded and rugged and were located close to Texas and California roads and the Butterfield Stage Line. The cave itself was known to be associated with the Youngers, Frank and Jesse James, and Belle Starr. We are looking forward to finding the cave on our ride tomorrow.

IMG_4518 IMG_4517


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