Posted by: millspaw | April 15, 2015

A Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 10

April 12th

White Mountain Wilderness

Argentina-Bonita horse camp



This is the type of horse camping we really like best. It is free to camp here and they provided the horses with a large, rubber matted corral. The Bonita River (more like a small creek) ran directly behind our campsite and the horses were across from us.

There was a light sprinkle at 9:00 when we left camp for the Argentina Canyon trail which had a cut across trail to the Little Bonito Trail. This was marked as a moderate ride and was about three miles long.

The trail was well marked and an interesting one. The canyon walls were steep in places and the trail narrow with many large rocks that the horses picked their way over. The Bonita River was below us for part of the way. As we climbed in elevation the vegetation changed from pines to some open meadows and we could see snow on the top of another mountain.

Snow on top of other mountain in this picture.


We found two elk wallows and saw a really large canine print. We wondered if they had wolves this far south. We also found an old skeleton of an elk. Things like this make the ride worth it.

When we got back to camp and ate lunch it had started to rain harder. We thought we might head out for our next destination, but found that we had no trailer brakes or signals. So we hauled up to Walmart to buy a tester and Dan spent the rest of the afternoon in the parking lot fixing the electrical problems. We ended up driving back to White Mountain Wilderness to camp there overnight again.

Tomorrow we will head for Silver Springs, NM and the Cliff Dwellings National Monument.


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