Posted by: millspaw | April 15, 2015

Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 8-9

April 10th and 11th

Argentina-Bonito camp (Not!)

Ruidoso, NM

It was a short drive, only 7 hours, to the tourist town of Ruidoso, New Mexico and we looked forward to arriving early to ride in the mountains.

The barren landscape changed from flat plains to bare, dry mountains. It didn’t look like there was anything interesting to see on a ride when we first came to the outskirts of Ruidoso. It started out looking like a very poor area until we entered the actual town. Ruidoso surprised us. It is full of any type of store you might need and many tourist shops with unique gifts for sale.

After traveling through Ruidoso we climbed many steep inclines and the RV started having trouble and the brake lights came on. We were surprised to see a road sign that said “Wild Horses”. Evidently, there is a herd that lives in these mountains.


We had to pull off of Route 48 at our turn onto Route 37 because we smelled smoke. Because there was no phone or 4G service in that valley, we turned around and drove back up the mountain, stopping at the top. From here we started to call AAA and horse establishments since we knew we would have to leave the horses somewhere while the vehicle was towed.

AAA sent a tow truck. The driver said we were too big and they didn’t have any other truck to put us up on. He sat and talked to us as Dan called all around trying to find a garage and a way to get the RV to it. We were sitting in front of Jack Johnson’s Excavating establishment and when the owner was leaving to go home. He saw we were having trouble and stopped.



This man is unbelievable! He opened up his gate and let us park in his lot. He had electric for us to plug into, water to run to the RV, a restroom and he gave us the keys to one of his trucks to use while we wait for our camper. He lives 60 miles away and wouldn’t be back until Monday. God really blessed us and answered our prayers. We spent the night and in the morning contacted AAA again. They sent a different company and who had no trouble loading the RV for the haul to the garage. Since we had Jack’s truck we were free to explore the town of Ruidoso.


We visited the museum and found out that Billy the Kid lived in the town of Ruidoso. After that we went shopping. We frittered away several hours and then went to check on the RV. It still wasn’t done so we drove back to Jack Johnson’s and the horses.

I had started a watercolor of Jack’s office building and I finished it while we waited for the repairman to call about the RV. I left it at his office for him to find when he comes to work on Monday. It isn’t near enough to pay back his kindness. Blessings on him.



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