Posted by: millspaw | April 20, 2015

A Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 17

April 19, 2015

El Paso Throw Down Horse Camp

Apache National Forest

The horses are healthy and happy with their new accommodations. It was 20 degrees outside and 40 degrees inside when we woke. Our ride to Largo Trail #14 took us through a beautiful wide valley surrounded by pine covered mountains. The posted sign at the trailhead told us that bear, mountain lion, and coyotes were common here.


We followed posts across the valley and into the forest where, after a mile or two they disappeared. Piles of rocks are used to mark trail in many of the places we have ridden. We found this marker.


It means to turn right. We found two more rock piles marking the path and then there were no more. We decided to turn back for camp. The horses enjoyed gaiting in the soft soil. Riding here is a horseman’s dream. It is so open. Dan took this picture of me in front of where the lake starts.


We rode after lunch and a nap for another 7 miles following the tracks around the big meadow. I wondered where they would lead, but we ran out of time and had to return to camp. We saw a lot of Mountain Bluebirds in this meadow. They are completely blue and very bright, unlike our Eastern Bluebird. There are many elk herds around here, too!

Tomorrow we head out to another dry camp. We will have to find someplace to fill our tank and the horse’s tank. We are traveling to Red Canyon horse camp in Manzano, New Mexico. Hopefully, a shorter drive.


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