Posted by: millspaw | April 30, 2015

A Grand Adventure to the Grand Canyon: Day 27

Day 27: April 29, 2015

The Ride Home

Kentucky to Pennsylvania

We got going at 6:30 and drove all the way home. The horses were good, traffic bad and we were happy to finally get past the bigger cities. We stopped twice for gas, but other than that, we just drove on through.

There were several things that I, personally, got to do while on the trip. One was to paint watercolors of the places we visited. It is a nice way to help me remember our trip.


Jack Johnson’s Cabin

Stormy night

A stormy sunset at Caprock

Gila mountains

Gila Mountains, New Mexico
Caprock Canyon, Texas  Caprock sketch

IMG_4805 IMG_4807

Another hobby that I could do while Dan was driving was crocheting. This afghan was finished about 10 minutes before we got home.

Being gone for almost a month gives you time to ponder about where you live compared to other places in the United States. We talked about their weather, lifestyles, homes and cost of living. We knew nothing of the trouble in Baltimore or Nepal until on our way home and came to the conclusion that we are truly blessed.

Even though we have miserable, cold winters with lost of snow, we don’t have poisonous snakes, mountain lions or flash floods at our house. Our home is beautiful, spacious and has lots of light. After living in a 24 foot motorhome for 27 days , we feel rich.

We were spared any serious accidents and had people helping us whenever we needed it. God has shown us great favor and for that we glorify Him and praise Him.



  1. Pam, I have followed and thoroughly enjoyed your blogs about your
    adventure since I first saw it on Art chat……Wonderful trip….Beautiful
    horses and scenery…. and your watercolors…
    Bev, china painter and teacher in Arlington, Texas

    • Thank you, Bev. We really had a fun trip. I am still cleaning up and putting things away and hope to find some time to paint at home, soon.

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